A Spin Off of Keep a Word/Drop a Word and Music, Pics, and Whatnot

I know there’s already a couple of music threads and a word game. But, I thought for those of us that like music and like to play Keep a Word/Drop a Word….. I’d mix the two together.
I hope this becomes a phun thread of mixing it up with Keep a Word/Drop a Word, Music Videos, Pics, and Whatnot.
It’s just like Keep a Word/Drop a Word, but with a spin…
Use up to three words…drop one word or drop two words and replace one or both words with new word(s), drop a music video, a pic…

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Original source: https://vapingunderground.com/threads/a-spin-off-of-keep-a-word-drop-a-word-and-music-pics-and-whatnot.444883/

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